Staying Power

Staying Power is an art and research project that celebrates a people’s history of New York City public housing through photography, personal archives, and interviews with residents. The project offers counter-narratives to the stereotypes surrounding the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and affirms that every resident is worthy of inclusion in NYCHA history. 

The project will be accessible online at in 2021. Web content will also be activated through an open-ended series of booklets and posters that will be distributed to subscribers through the postal service. 

This project was made possible with support from The Laundromat Project's Create Change Artist-in-Residence program, FABnyc, and the Pioneer Works Technology Residency.

Selected Press/Writing

ZEKE Magazine, Fall 2021 Issue

The Laundromat Project, Staying Power: Reframing the Narrative of Public Housing, Summer 2021

Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project is a research and storytelling collective that reclaims technology as a means to embolden housing justice movements. 

As long-time collective member, Ariana helped launch the New York City Chapter of the project in 2017 as well as co-produced Black Exodus, a multi-platform publication and public workshop series that explores the past, present, and possible futures of Black San Francisco. 

Selected Press/Writing

Radical History Review

The Activist Files

GIA Reader

Voces de Fillmore

This documentary traces the memories and experiences of families living on one block in South Williamsburg, a Brooklyn neighborhood that is affectionately known by long time residents as Southside or Los Sures. In the past decade, Southside’s Latinx and working class population has steadily decreased from seventy to forty-five percent, in part due to gentrification in New York City. In this film, Puerto Rican families who have lived and raised children in Los Sures for several decades talk about their quest to preserve a sense of community in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.

Directors: Ariana Allensworth, Teresa Basilio, Regina Eaton
Producer: Third World Newsreel Workshop

2015, 19 minutes

Past Presence

An exhibition that brought together new and recent work by Bay Area-based artists Indira Allegra and Christopher R. Martin. Both artists use textile to materially and conceptually examine themes of Black grief and trauma memory. 

Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland

September 8-29, 2017

This exhibition was produced as part of Pro Arts Gallery's 2x2 Curator-in-Residence program.

Selected Press/Writing

ProArts Podcast

Rosa Mexicano

Rosa Mexicano is an experimental publication and research project that explores the visual and symbolic multiplicities of the color pink in Mexico City. 

This project was supported in part by participation in UC Berkeley's Andrew Mellon Global Urban Humanities Mexico City Studio

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