Ariana Faye Allensworth is a participatory artist, designer, and cultural strategist based in New York City. 

As a current Design Director at global design and innovation firm IDEO, she blends her deep experience in community design, social work, and change management to build solutions aimed at increasing equity and belonging across the organization's systems and culture. She's previously led artist-centered storytelling campaigns and education programming at The International Center of Photography, The Center for Cultural Power, and Youth Speaks

When Ariana’s not designing with and for the communities of IDEO, she’s helping run the New York City chapter of the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, a research and digital media collective that documents displacement and crafts tools for resistance in solidarity with gentrifying communities. She has participated in residencies and fellowships with The Laundromat ProjectPioneer Works, Project Inkblot, Independent Curator's International, and NEW INC. Her socially engaged art and research practice builds upon interests in Black visual and spatial histories, as well as the connections between cultural production and radical social change. 

Image: Abeerah Khan

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